Wisconsin falls under the federal OSHA’s jurisdiction because it doesn’t have a formal state plan. This shows that both the public and private sectors are subject to Federal OSHA Standards and Regulations.

Wisconsin OSHA Training Requirements You Should Know

OSHA urges people in supervisory roles to enroll in OSHA 30 Hour courses and entry-level workers to participate in OSHA 10 Hour courses since OSHA training addresses specific safety themes. The majority of businesses in Wisconsin want OSHA-certified workers to ensure proper awareness of site safety issues.

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Wisconsin

The protection of employees and workplaces from potential hazards that could result in accidents or even fatalities is one of the benefits of the Federal OSHA  Training course.

a reduction in medical insurance reimbursements and lost workdays
less OSHA inspectors visiting workplaces
an improvement in the workplace’s financial situation