There is no official state plan for Washington, District of Columbia, sometimes referred to as Washington, DC. As was previously said, the majority of the private sector and the federal government fall under Federal OSHA Jurisdiction in the States without a State Plan.

OSHA Training Responsibilities For Washington, DC

Since state and government employees are not covered by federal OSHA jurisdictions, public sector workers are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the District of Columbia Office of Risk Management (DCORM). DCROM instructs staff to receive safety training based on OSHA Standards and is in charge of performing inspections and investigations.

Additionally, workers who fall under Federal OSHA jurisdiction are required to complete job-specific safety training. DCORM also advises public sector workers to enroll in safety training programs that adhere to federal standards.

As usual, OSHA advises personnel to complete OSHA Training, also known as OSHA 10 Hours for entry-level employees and OSHA 30 Hours for those with supervisory duties.

Benefits Of OSHA Safety Training For Employees In Washington, DC

By becoming OSHA Certified or having finished your OSHA Site Safety training courses, which shield you and your employer from OSHA fines and penalties, you always have an advantage over other construction workers or employees.

You and your company will benefit from following OSHA training standards in the following ways:

protects employers and staff against severe fines and penalties
It fosters a sense of job security and makes the workplace secure.
increases output while decreasing the cost of medical insurance