One of the states with an official state plan that is recognized by federal OSHA jurisdiction is Virginia. The State Plan for Virginia, which is under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI), is supervised by the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program.

Virginia OSHA Training Requirements and Your Responsibilities

Employers who are subject to VOSH requirements should make sure that training programs cover the various criteria in Virginia in accordance with local laws. The following industries are directed in accordance with Virginia’s State Plan’s specific Standards and regulations, even though the majority of OSHA Standards have been included in it:

Construction by VOSH

Medical care and first aid Sanitation Steel erection Reverse Signal Operation Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act VOSH General Industry Safety Requirements for Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment

Reverse Signal Operation Safety Requirements for General Industry Telecommunications Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment, General Approach Distance for Electrical Hazards
The Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act, Confined Spaces in the Telecommunications Industry, and Tree Trimming Operations

Agriculture VOSH

Field Hygiene

Additionally, OSHA advises its OSHA 10 Hour courses to newcomers in the construction and general industries because most companies demand that their staff members hold an OSHA certification and possess a sufficient understanding of general safety. OSHA 30 Hour courses, however, are geared toward managers and supervisors.

Last but not least, various professions, workers, and businesses are subject to Federal OSHA Jurisdiction, including:

Government employment
The U.S. Postal Service as well as facilities run by private contractors that are contracted by USPS Private maritime operations (such as shipyards, marine ports, and long shoring)
working in federal military installations and other places under sole federal jurisdiction
Work at the Southeastern Power Administration Kerr-Philpott System of the US Department of Energy
working conditions for flight attendants aboard operational airplanes

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Virginia

Beyond promoting and supporting workplace safety laws, Federal OSHA aims to maintain both employee and workplace health and safety through OSHA training. There are various further benefits, such as:

On the job, harsh penalties and expensive fines are avoided
Equipment and machinery damage is lessened
reduced medical insurance expenses and missed days of work