The United States, which had minimal Federal regulations governing occupational safety and health prior to the implementation of the OSH Act of 1970, changed into a country that protects its workers from job hazards.

Obligations For OSHA Training In Pennsylvania You Must Know

Most private sector employees are subject to federal OSHA Jurisdiction because Pennsylvania is one of the states without an established state plan.

The Pennsylvania General Safety Law (Act 174) regulates workplace safety because federal OSHA does not apply to employees in the public sector.

OSHA Training is not a requirement for everyone under federal law. However, OSHA advises individuals in supervisory positions to enroll in OSHA 30 Hour courses and entry-level employees to enroll in OSHA 10 Hour courses because these courses cover specific topics related to a variety of job activities. Additionally, most businesses favor workers who have OSHA certification.

However, OSHA  training is required for Pennsylvania contractors and employees in the Philadelphia construction sector.

An OSHA 10 Hour Construction certificate is required if you work for a company that:

Is a registered home improvement contractor with the state and directly performs allowed construction or demolition activities under Philadelphia Code, Title 4, Subcode A, Section A-1001.4.
holds a license for contractors.

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Pennsylvania

OSHA’s primary goal is to protect workers’ lives and health from unknown safety risks, but businesses and industrial locations can benefit from OSHA  training as well. These benefits include:

Inspections by OSHA protect workplaces from the enforcement of harsh penalties.
Medical benefits and lost workday charges are unaffected.
Both productivity and performance among employees rise.