When OSHA was founded, there were very few federal laws protecting employees and the workplace, making it dangerous to work in the construction industry or any other general industry.



Ohio OSHA Training Requirements You Must Comply With:

Since Ohio lacks a formal state plan for occupational health and safety, OSHA continues to have jurisdiction over its workforce.

Even though it is not required by federal law, OSHA advises employees with supervisory roles to enroll in 30 Hour courses and entry-level workers to complete training 10 Hour courses, given that the majority of employers in Ohio demand fundamental safety precautions and a general overview.

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Ohio

OSHA training sessions offer the following benefits in addition to instructing workers on how to spot safety hazards and appropriately perform their everyday activities in a safe manner:

OSHA inspections can be avoided, as can costly penalties.
Employee productivity and job quality increase while the number of lost workdays and medical insurance costs decline.

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