Unlike some other US states, Montana does not have its own State Plan. Thus, the Federal OSHA Jurisdiction has direct control over both the employees and the employers in the private sector. Employers and employees in the private sector are directly governed by Montana Law.

OSHA Training Requirements For Montana You Should Know 

Despite not having its own State Plan, Montana does have a set of distinctive laws known as Montana Laws that should be followed by both employees and employers doing business there. According to the Montana Law, companies must offer employees job-specific training that is in line with industry standards. 

Additionally, according to Montana law, all employees must complete initial job-related safety training. According to Montana law, personnel must be trained in emergency procedures, first aid, fire safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), workplace risks, and injuries. Because OSHA Training covers a wider range of safety topics and site hazards, OSHA advises that employees take it. In addition to covering the subjects they require training for, this will assist staff in receiving a broad orientation to on-site safety and its hazards. 

Employers in the private sector train their staff in accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication (HazCom) standards. Employee and Community Hazardous Chemical Information Act (ECHCIA), a regulatory act that governs hazardous chemical communication in Montana, and specifies training requirements for those working in the public sector.

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Montana

In addition to the following benefits, the objective has always been to encourage workplace safety awareness to safeguard employees from risks:

OSHA inspections can result in severe fines, which can be avoided.
The cost of medical compensation is decreased.
Both work output and financial productivity rise.

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