Missouri is one of the states that requires a formal state plan. As a result, Missourians are subject to the Federal OSHA’s regulations, which apply to the majority of employees in the private sector. 

Missouri OSHA Training Requirements You Should Know

To improve their knowledge and expertise in addressing workplace dangers and guarantee a pleasant work environment, OSHA urges entry-level employees to take OSHA 10 Hour courses and employees in supervisory roles to take OSHA 30 Hour courses. The majority of businesses favor candidates who have a basic awareness of the rules governing workplace safety.

Missouri law requires OSHA training for construction workers working on projects receiving public support. Hence, the Construction Safety Training Act enforces OSHA 10 Site Safety training. Which should be taken OSHA Approved course providers, such as:  

  • Employees at the job site who deal with construction operations directly. 
  • Employees at surrounding facilities that the contractor has hired for construction.
  • Workers who are moving supplies, equipment, or fuel around a job site
  • Drivers engaged in cargo loading or unloading at the job site.

Advantages Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Missouri

OSHA training not only certifies you for different operations but also adds to your career as a plus point and improves your future perspective of getting a job in a renowned company. And so, OSHA Training brings many benefits along with it for employees and employers: 

  • There will be a decrease in fatal accidents and workplace injuries.
  • Workers’ protection from OSHA inspections and heavy fines at their workplaces
  • Reduced medical compensation costs and missed days of work
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