For municipal and state employees, Maine is one of the States with its own Official State Plan. Additionally, Maine’s private sector is subject to federal OSHA jurisdiction. The Maine Department of Labor (MDOL), which handles all OSHA inspections and complaints, is the regulatory authority responsible for enforcing OSHA Standards. The private sector is subject to federal OSHA jurisdiction in this regard.

OSHA Training Requirements For Maine You Should Know

Two different regulatory agencies that apply to both businesses and employees each oversee the Maine State Plan. Although the federal standards’ training requirements for employees in the public sector are similar, additional training may be required, such as that mandated by Maine’s VDT Standards (MRSA Title 26, 252). OSHA MDOL offers free consulting to help both companies and employees.

Since Federal OSHA Standards demand training on specific topics for every employee under its purview, MDOL and Federal OSHA advise that entry-level workers be exposed to a general overview of site safety. On the MDOL website, it is encouraged for public sector employers to fall under this heading. As a result, the Federal OSHA has only developed the 30 Hour

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Maine

Although imparting useful job safety knowledge to the relevant employees and employers has always been the main objective, completing OSHA training grants workers and employers access to a number of additional advantages, including:

strengthening the brand’s reputation in the marketplace reduces future accidents and injuries, as well as the need for medical reimbursement. avoiding expensive fines and penalties for both you and your company.