There is no official state plan in place for Louisiana. As a result, Louisiana is directly governed by Federal OSHA Standards for all state and federal employees, employers, and some private businesses.

Louisiana OSHA Training Requirements and Your Responsibilities

OSHA advises taking the OSHA 30 hour course for managers and supervisors, and the OSHA 10 hour training for entry-level employees. Although it is not necessary, your employer may make it a part of the job description to ensure that you receive a general introduction to workplace safety and its risks.

Advantages Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Louisiana

Once you’ve completed OSHA Training, it will always be worthwhile. Even though OSHA does not require OSHA Training, completing it will always be in your and your employer’s best interests:

avoiding costly fines and penalties for both you and your business
enhancing the brand’s reputation in the marketplace
decreases potential accidents and injuries, as well as medical compensation