The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) is the name of the regulatory agency in Arizona., which is a division of the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA). All inspections and penalty distribution in Arizona are managed and governed by ADOSH.

OSHA Training Standards For Arizona You Should Know

If the State Plan Standards are as effective as OSHA Standards, they can be carried forward as enforceable Standards for both employees and employers, according to the Federal OSHA Jurisdiction. The State Plan for Arizona covers some businesses and all public employees.

Typically, Federal OSHA serves as the framework for a State Plan. However, as stated in the State Plan, Arizona has its own set of standards for occupational health and safety for some industries, including:

  • General Industry
  • Hand and Portable Powered Tools 
  • Commercial Driving Operations
  • Construction Industry 
  • Fall Protection
  • Compressed Gas and Air (General) and Air Receivers
  • Equipment
  • Enforcement Programs
  • Agriculture
  • Field Sanitation

It is important to understand that even if a state has its own state plan, some employees and businesses are still subject to federal law. Here are some examples of the situations, businesses, and activities that are governed by federal jurisdiction:

  • Employment on federal terms 
  • The U.S. Postal Service and the private contractor-operated 
  • Maritime Private Companies  
  • Contractors and subcontractors operating in Federal Jurisdiction owned areas 
  • Copper Smelters Private Companies
  • Private companies’ concrete and asphalt batch plants that are part of a mining operation
  • Indian reservations
  • Aircraft cabin crew members onboard aircraft in operation and their working conditions 
  • Any hazard, industry, area, operation, or facility which is not under State Regulation 
Additionally, OSHA requires training for specific Safety Standards, but OSHA does not hold itself accountable for OSHA Training. The OSHA 30 Hour Construction and OSHA 10 Hour Construction training programs are still recommended for employees since they cover a variety of topics that OSHA wants them to master on all levels.  

Beneftis of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Arizona

ADOSH’s major objective is to raise awareness of workplace risks among Employees and Supervisors, teach them how to handle them, recognize them, and adopt practical safety measures to be safe while carrying out every activity.

Spending time and money on OSHA safety training is also something you’ll never regret because:

keeps you and your company from receiving heavy fines
reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries on the job site by increasing employee efficiency and productivity