AKOSH (Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Division) is Alaska’s state plan for occupational health and safety and oversees the state, federal agencies, and some private businesses. It is the regulatory agency responsible for enforcing all standards.

Alaska’s OSHA Training Requirements You Must Comply With

In spite of having a State Plan, Alaska abides by Federal OSHA Standards and Regulations and advises staff to do so as well. As a result, if you work in Alaska, you just need training in a few key areas and with certain criteria.

All of the Federal OSHA Standards and Regulations as well as some State-specific Standards, including:

Standards for the construction industry in each state:

Transmission and distribution of electric power Gases, Vapors, Fumes, Dust, or Mists
Wood framing and steel construction

Electric power is distributed and transmitted. vapors, fumes, dust, mists, or gases Construction using steel and wood State-specific General Industry Standards: Electricity Risks harmful substances Viruses Spread Through Blood and Other Infectious Diseases Safeguarding Information Drilling, servicing, and production of oil and gas Forestry and Logging Telecommunications Generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity Operations Painting Transport, Handling, and Refining of Oil and Gas Abatement of Asbestos Blasting agents and explosives I.D.s (Individual Defense Equipment) Camps for Temporary Labor Restricted Areas

Some of the workers are covered by the Federal OSHA Standards, which are detailed below:

employment governed by federal regulations
United States Postal Service
Private maritime companies with offices near navigable seas
platforms and production facilities for offshore oil
Employers in the Metlakatla Indian Community and private and public sectors are located in Denali National Park
Native American healthcare facilities controlled by the government and contractors
Military bases employ both private and public sector workers.
activities in some agricultural fields
Providing a comfortable working environment for the cabin crew while operating


Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Alaska

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The following are some advantages that OSHA Safety training will provide for both you and your employer:

safeguards employers and employees from harsh fines and penalties
creates a sense of job safety, which contributes to making the workplace safe and secure.