Massachusetts has its own Official State Plan, which is addressed at employers and employees by the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS), just like the other states with their State Plans.The public sector is covered by the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS), while the majority of the private sector is also covered.

OSHA Training Requirements For Massachusetts You Must Know

The entire public sector, including state employees and some private sector workers, is covered by the Massachusetts State Plan.

Furthermore, employees designated as or employed under Federal OSHA Jurisdiction are not protected by the Massachusetts State Plan. All federal employees, including those employed by the USPS and civilian staff on military facilities, are subject to OSHA regulations. All of the authoritative responsibilities of the Massachusetts State Plan continue to be under the oversight, inspection, and modification of OSHA. Further, Massachusetts State Plan has initial penalty enforcement authority but Federal OSHA retains the authority to fine businesses and employers for OSHA violations.

Benefits Of Taking OSHA Safety Training For Workers In Massachusetts

By providing pertinent employees and employers with job safety information, the primary goal has always been to improve job safety and a secure working environment. However, after completing OSHA training, Workers and Employers have access to various other benefits, such as:

protecting the business from high fines and penalties
Enhancing the company’s reputation in the market lowers the risk of accidents and injuries as well as the requirement for paying for medical expenses.